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On your marks…. it’s off for an intensive European Heritage Days weekend

The weekend events start on Friday with, for us, an architectural bus tour of Belfast. Not sure where it goes but we’ll find out later today. Next up will be the Titanic boat tour on Saturday afternoon which the kids are really looking forwards to. After that we’re toying with a dash off somewhere else […]

What are the best European Heritage day outings in Northern Ireland?

With only two days of heritage days and a massive booklet listing what must be hundreds of places, you really need to take some time to identify what will be the best places to see (assuming that there’s decent weather, of course). Be careful of the small print as some places are only free on […]

Culture Night: a very lively night out in Belfast

Friday was Culture Night in Belfast which means a very, very packed night of entertainment all over the city and all free too. We took the opportunity to finish off some things that we didn’t manage to fit in to the Heritage Weekend earlier in the month. The easy way to include them turned out […]

The Ulster History Park

The Ulster History Park was created back in 1990 by the local council but sadly never really attracted visitors in the numbers that are necessary to support such a park. Thus even when I went in it’s peak years in the mid 1990s there were very few people around which is as you’d expect for […]

The Titanic boat tour

As always the Heritage Days weekend is a bit hectic so today the schedule included a family fun day, the Titanic tour and Springhill. The tour basically takes a run along the harbour emphasising various spots that had a role in the history of the Titanic or of Belfast shipbuilding generally. It starts off in […]