A confusing point with the Open University psychology degree

Way back in 2009, I finally got going on the first course for my psychology degree (ED209) and was intending to plug away with that over the following four or five years, working through DSE212, DD303 and DD307 along with a couple of other courses to make up the 360 point total. However, one of those “other courses” was SK277 (human biology) and that really got me fired up about biology so I ended up working through the rest of the biology degree which I’ve just about finished.

In the meantime, they totally reorganised the psychology programme and are mid-way through introducing a whole new range of courses that’ll ultimately mean that they’re offering three or four different psychology degrees in place of the one general one that existed when I started. Net effect of being mid-way through and me having done some of the old-style courses is that there’s a confusing choice of modules at the moment.

The new ones seem to have dropped the popular residentials but there’s one remaining on its final run this coming year. That therefore seems to me to be the best spot to start so I’ve signed up with DSE212 and the associated residential DXR222.

After that, it gets quite confusing and I’m not really sure what I need to do to complete the degree. In theory, I could do the old-style degree but that needs to be completed before the end of 2017 which in turn means that I would need to do up to four 60 point modules over two years which seems a bit much at the moment. If I don’t do that, I would need to complete under the new-style regulations which is the same number of modules but without the need to complete by 2017.

What modules though? On the new-style degree there’d be E102 and DE100 but that assumes that I can’t count any of my existing modules and some of those fall into the psychology camp. I don’t know what I need to do there at this point. At level 3 there’s the compulsory DE300 plus a choice of three or four others coming up depending on whether you want a general psychology degree, a forensic psychology degree or a counselling degree.

At the moment, the only thing I’m fairly sure about is that I’d need to do DE300, would probably need to do DE100 and would probably do EK313. So, another call to the SMT people is called for I think.


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