A dose of romance in your life

I do not believe the cynics who claim that there is no romance around anymore. Don’t agree? Just take a trip to the cities of Paris, Venice or Rome and you will see that romance is well and truly still alive. Maybe it is the times we live in and the non-stop rush of everyday living that drags us down and makes us forget not just what, but WHO, is the most important thing in our life. I hold the opinion that the Europeans hold the key to this, and if you don’t believe me then pay a visit to Paris, or one of those other cities mentioned above. Everywhere you go you will see couples together; holding hands, kissing or just being together and talking between themselves. Oblivious to everything and everyone else around them…what more proof do you need?.

We all have our romantic ‘ideal’ and whether or not we ever get to experience it in reality it is still nice to have it in our hearts…just in case the opportunity ever arises. But when you think about it, romance can happen anywhere or anytime as long as you are with the right person, just like in the romance novels. You don’t always need the Eiffel Tower, or the Trevi Fountain or to be gliding along on a Venecian gondola being serenaded by some sweet voice. True romance is found where ever you are at your happiest together. You can be just walking on a beach, sitting in a park or enjoying a nice meal and you will know when that ‘moment’ strikes. Because you will both feel it at the same time.

The thing that is so nice about ‘romance’ is that it is the ‘glue’ in a relationship; use plenty of it and it keeps you stuck together. Just like in a Mills & Boon novel, where the happy ending you have always dreamed about is yours for the taking, and can never be taken from you.

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