A free creche

You’d think that the free creche within IKEA was aimed at those shopping there who don’t want to drag the kids around the shop with them but it isn’t really.

Although I’m sure that they originally intended that, what’s happened since is that it has become too popular, at least in the afternoons. Thus when you turn up at the shop your creche slot (it’s for up to 10 year olds) is generally a couple of hours later so you either drag the kids around and then plop them in the creche or you go to it specially.

Our little guys thought it was better than Indiana Land so have added that to one of the play areas that they’ll be asking to be taken back to. What I think we’ll do next time is to book a slot in the morning and drop them in for the 45 minutes after school.

I wonder how long IKEA will continue to fork out for it now that it’s effectively become separated from the shop?

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