A really full Sunday

I’d been planning on writing up the notes on gender identity and running up another chunk of the answer for the seen question but in the end very little of either got done. The gender identity stuff should get written tomorrow and looks like a fairly easy one to do though there’s quite a heap of other things needing done tomorrow as well.

James woke up feeling a bit the worse for wear and with quite a temperature. That knocked the normal Sunday morning routine out somewhat but at least he was feeling reasonably OK by around noon so ’twas off to the “adventurous playground” in the Cave Hill Country Park. We’d been aiming to go there for a couple of weeks as we’d spotted it on our way to the zoo a few weeks back. It looks quite impressive from outside but isn’t really all that large as parks go these days mainly because almost all the local authorities seem to have decided to up the ante in terms of what equipment a playground has over recent years. Playgrounds that were pretty naff just a few years ago now seem to sport an enormous number of climbing frames and all kinds of other things for the kids nowadays. Anyway, it’s made the £2 per child entry fee seem fairly steep.

Anyway, once they’d worked their way round all the gear there (aside from the castle construction it’s nothing spectacular) it was going to be off for lunch but we happened to pass the public playground at Jordanstown on the way. Boy has it had a major upgrade over the last couple of years! Gone are the couple of swings and the largely broken down boat and in their place is quite a spectacular array of stuff for children from preschool through to young teenagers which, as you would expect, was being very well used.

And finally it was off to Papa Brown’s Grill at Carrickfergus where we’d a very enjoyable meal before heading home.

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