Almost back to the daily school routine

We’re not quite fully back into the swing of the school run yet as we have yet to adjust to the different route to the new school though we managed to get there on time today for a change.

The kids are fully into their new school uniform now with the bags properly full of the appropriate things for school rather than the accumulated junk that they had acquired over the course of the previous school year. James seems content enough which I suspect is mainly down to him knowing that he’d have to go to a new school anyway. John still isn’t too happy about the change so it’ll likely be another week or two before he adjusts.

It’s a little strange for me too with the kids going to my old school. Although it’s been 39 years since I was there it hasn’t changed a whole lot. They’ve updated the entrance and the desks aren’t the little school desks any more but the biggest practical changes are that they boys don’t wear short trousers now and there’s a roof on the toilets.

Parking-wise we can’t use the old parking space as my granny’s street was demolished 10 years ago and replaced with a totally different arrangement of housing which has messed up everyone as it’s no longer possible to swing down the street and there’s a bit of dodgy three point turns required every morning and afternoon these days.

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