Almost finished S377 Molecular and Cell Biology

It doesn’t seem that long since I started S377 back in February but now the final exam is just over a week from now.

It’s a course that’s really heavy going for quite long stretches as it delves down so low in biology that often you can’t see the wood for the trees. So, instead of looking at reproduction as prophase and whatnot, you look down below that to see what molecules are making the chromatin separate out and reform in the various stages. Rather than look at the cell membrane, you look at how proteins get assembled within it, cross it and generally move around. Rather than just considering DNA as a unit, you’re looking at how it reproduces itself and fixes any errors in that process.

So, MUCH more detailed than you find elsewhere in biology. Consequently, you don’t really get a handle on what’s happening until towards the end of the course and the revising is really helping my understanding of what I went through over the last nine months or so. Whether that extra understanding will help in the exam is, of course, a totally different matter.

Anyway, that takes me up to the final course of the life science degree which is SK320 Infectious Disease starting in February with the chemistry counterpart kicking off towards the end of October. I’m hoping that I’ll be able to sweep up the chemistry courses within the biology degree as there doesn’t seem to be enough chemistry courses to make up a chemistry degree as per my original plan (basically I’ve used them up in the biology degree and only have environmental ones that aren’t really that interesting to me). Assuming that I can do that, I’ll be restarting the psychology degree next October.


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