Aren’t men awful at choosing clothes for their significant other?

sexy jumpsuitAside from technology men are pretty much useless in the shopping stakes but they’re at their lowest point when buying stuff for their significant other to wear.

To begin with it’s lingerie purchases that are almost always an unmitigated disaster. There’s just no way that they are going to get the sizing right as it’s far more complex than anything that they’d buy for themselves. Not only that, but, of course, they’re generally choosing something that is thoroughly impractical, aren’t they?

Even in other clothing though they’re none too good at selecting something that their wife or girlfriend would like to wear or would find all that practical. Even here the basic style choice that they’re generally aiming for is “sexy” whilst the wife/girlfriend is looking for things like “warm”, “comfortable” and “practical”.

To be fair the wife/girlfriend is just as bad at choosing a techy product for their man too 🙂

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