Aren’t textbooks expensive?

I always like to have a look at what a course will be like before actually signing up for it as those of you who’ve been reading this for a while will know.

Therefore since I’m currently thinking of doing the biological psychology course (SD226) starting next February I’ve been having a look at the course forum for that to see if I can pick up some ideas. It has a reputation of being a seriously difficult course which is something that’s said generally of pretty much all the inter-disciplinary courses that I’ve looked at previously. In fact, that’s why I initially looked at the human biology course that I’m currently signed up for (though it’s a fascinating course in its own right).

Anyway, one thing that I did pick up is that there’s a “hand-holding” book written by one of the course team, called “Biological Psychology” of course which supposedly eases the doing of the course itself somewhat. I just ordered that this evening so hopefully I’ll get a chance to look over it between the end of October and the end of January when the course itself starts.

Interestingly the course is around £350 but the book is £37. Yeah, over 10% of the cost of the course itself! That’s pretty typical for textbooks these days or at least science ones (other subjects get away with prices half that or less). Crazy money, eh?

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  • Misha says:

    Seriously, go to where you can rent textbooks rather than buy them. You’ll save between 65%-85%. Make sure you use this special promo code CC106120. You’ll get an extra 5% off your order. Enough said…

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