Be careful of what you wish for…

I’ve been toying with the idea of doing the Open University’s main chemistry course for a while now but it’s one of those courses with widely varying opinions which put me off. Basically there were those who rated it pretty much as A-level and at the other end of the extreme those who rated it as pretty much impossible.

The reason for such wide variations is generally down to the differing backgrounds that people have. Come to a course with just the minimum entry requirements met and you’ll find it at the very difficult end of the range, come to it with quite a lot of preparation and it can be very easy indeed to do. The snag is that you generally won’t know what the “right” preparation is until you find yourself in the midst of the course. For instance, the “right” preparation for the Exploring English course isn’t a whole bunch of English courses and is instead a couple of their foreign language courses.

Anyway, S205 has been on my October short-list but generally getting pushed out by courses which were widely held to be doable.

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