Boy does travelling take it out of you!

We were on the go from our afternoon departure from our place in France right through to 4am on Sunday morning which was as tiring as it sounds. Worse actually as thanks to the pretty stormy weather during the crossing I was the only one that wasn’t feeling a bit off.

That wouldn’t have been sooo bad but then James caught his usual Belfast asthma as midnight on Sunday approached so it was off to the hospital with him for another 3am bedtime on Monday morning. As if that wasn’t enough school was starting on Tuesday so we’d heaps to do on Monday.

It was John’s first day in school today which went really well. We’d been expecting awful things from him as he’s been with us every day his entire life up to today. The really big problem was getting him out of bed as school started at 9.30 and he usually doesn’t wake up ’til well after 10. That did show though: he conked out in the car on the way home and had a couple of hours of sleep when we got home.

Surprisingly we managed to get James to his Kumon class. Two months of that over the summer has really brought on his reading and it looks like he’ll be where he should have been by Christmas or so.

Tomorrow should be a relatively normal day though we’ve a heap of things to catch up with and it looks like it’ll be a week or more before we’re back to normal.

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