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Travel insurance, house insurance and car insurance

That list pretty much covers it for most people in the day to day run of events.

Travel insurance is something that you need once you set foot on a plane or boat. For the most part, it doesn’t cover you within your own country which is something to bear in mind if you make frequent business trips by plane. There are exceptions, of course, but look out for them.

Home insurance can sometimes overlap with travel insurance as the better policies cover many of your valuables when you’re out of our house which can avoid you needing to get travel insurance for things like valuable watches or other jewellry.

Car insurance comes, mainly, in three varieties. Third party insurance covers you when you hit somebody but doesn’t cover you nor theft of your car therefore most people go for the next option up with is Third Party Fire & Theft thus adding the fire and theft elements. They can be fairly cheap but you should always check the price of Fully Comprehensive insurance as I’ve found that as little as 10% more can move you into this type of insurance which isn’t much to pay if the person who hits you isn’t insured (not uncommon!).

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