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Another piece of news from France

It’s been a long time since we’ve mentioned anything of consequence about France.

The main reason is that there’s nothing much of note happening. Having said that, over the past few months we’ve had a growing level of interest in Mas Camps with three or four more interested parties having a look at the place. The latest one is offering a mixture of cash and a house which seems interesting if a little complicated financially and legally.

Alongside that we’ve had the usual run of bills from assorted arms of the French government who don’t seem to be able to fully grasp the concept that we’re no longer living in France. One particularly interesting one is for a tax that’s only payable if you’re living in France for which they’ve managed to change the address to an “interesting” (read: barely legible) version of our home address here ie they know that we’re not living there yet still sent a bill for a tax that would only be payable if we were!

It appears too that the rumoured bypass of the village is going ahead with the new road to be finishing up not too far from our front door.

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Wow – another appointment for the medical visit for the residence card

If you cast your mind back to 2004, we had an appointment for the medical visit for the residence card for Wendy just before Christmas. After sitting for around two hours we told them that we couldn’t wait any longer as we’d guests coming. They said they’d make another appointment for us.

We just received a phone call saying that the appointment is for September 29th. Yes, almost three years later!

Still, at least they’re making up for it now as it’s an all day affair rather than the brief visit that it was supposed to be last time.

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Dodgy French booking

Got a phone call early this morning in slightly dodgy French from a Spaniard in Barcelona saying that they’d like a double room for this evening. No problem really, as the French had all left this morning and we’d only a few people in this evening. They even got someone to call back in slightly less dodgy French to confirm that the reservation had been made and that they’d be here around 4pm.

Bit of an awkward time really as they were to be running the bulls through the streets of Millas around then and we’ve been meaning to go to see that for the last two years. Still, it wouldn’t take long to get them checked in and the bulls were sure to be late anyway (well, it is France after all!).

4pm arrived and we saw a whole lot of cars parked across the road from us. Nothing really unusual in that; a lot of people stop there to check the map or whatever. However, a whole lot of people headed over. It wasn’t one double room they wanted: it was NINE!! We gotta get another floor added to this place someday to cope with such things. Couldn’t keep all of them ourselves but we were able to put enough of them up at the auberge round the corner to satisfy everyone.

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The ongoing saga of the residence permit continues…

A little over a week ago we called in to the mairie to see what they’d received from the prefecture. Well, it was a document listing a whole heap of documents that they required me & Wendy to provide before they would give us the residence permit. It was illegal under European law for them to ask for every single one of the documents that they wanted! No surprise there really as they’d previously told us that European law doesn’t apply in France.

Anyway, we pointed that out to the poor girl at the mairie who, once again, called the prefecture for us and pointed out that we had applied for a European residence permit, not an “ordinary” one and that they were breaking the law by asking us to provide them with those documents. We also said that we wanted an appointment with them to sort this out properly; Muriel was to call us back the next day. That was a week ago.

In the meantime, we thought we’d drop the SOLVIT people a line to see what they could do. August isn’t a great time to do anything in France as most places are closed but we received our first reply from them today so, who knows, perhaps we’ll get the permits this month after all.

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The blog comes home

Seems like ages since the last Mas Camps News!

What’s been happening?

Well, we had our first holiday since we got here. More on that if you read the blog entries from April. Although we just went to Turkey to see the solar eclipse, we’d like to go back as the trip was far too short. Might even drive it next time as we had some Turkish guests a month or so back who did exactly that. However, they recommend taking the ferry from Italy to Greece rather than driving through Croatia etc. as they reckon that route is a bit dangerous.

The pattern of reservations has been quite different from last year. Very, very little in February and March but once we hit Easter, the occupancy was way up. Almost triple the number of people this June as we had last year. July was slightly higher but completely with “ordinary” guests as we didn’t have the equivalent of the two massive bookings we had last year. Different from last year too is that September already has a fair number of bookings.

And we’ve launched a few more websites. With the quiet period in February, I was able to move Our Inns and Our Gites into PHP and MySQL which has reduced considerably the amount of effort required to put properties online. Not only that but I’ve taken the opportunity to add a number of enhancements and permit people to add a whole lot more information.

Once all the information was in the database (major nightmare!), I made a start on the much more commercially targetted Our Holiday Rental Homes and Our Bed and Breakfasts. Can’t really see them doing well in the search engines this holiday season but the older sites are doing very well. Both Chambre-d’Hote and Our Gites (listing B&B and self-catering properties in France respectively) regularly appear in the top 10 on google searches.

Last, but not least, I thought that I’d move the blog into my own domain. Still haven’t sussed out the full route, but expect to see it arriving at Foreign Perspectives shortly.

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