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Do you remodel your home in one go or gradually?

I suspect that for most people it’s very much a gradual process of change for their homes. Not only is this easier going financially but it avoids really serious disruption.

But where do you start? We’re in a house that missed out on something like 20 years worth of updates and maintenance so it’s in need of pretty much a complete upgrade. What we’re trying to do is to go through it in the most sensible way we can manage. That basically means starting at the top and working down on the basis that dust and whatnot will fall down so working on the top floor first should reduce the mess.

Unfortunately, it’s not always possible to do things in the logical sequence. Thus we find ourselves needing to replace the heating system now rather than in the summer when it wouldn’t be as inconvenient. We also found ourselves forced into replacing the kitchen roof when ideally that would have waited until next year when we might be extending the room beside it and thus needing another roof.

It’s easier with soft furnishings of course which can be upgraded anytime without affecting any of the other things going on. What we can’t really do is replace the carpet until the building work is done as it would be sure to be full of dirt if we did.

So, gradual with little flurries of activity is our approach.

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Using the outdoors some more

Although everyone uses their outdoor space quite a bit in the summer, once the cooler weather kicks in that usage drops very quickly indeed.

It doesn’t need to be like that though. There are an increasing number of ways in which you can extend the period of the year through which you can use all that outdoor space. Conservatories are an obvious addition which can be seen sprouting up at what sometimes seems an alarming rate in some areas. They essentially bring the outdoors inside for you and are usable throughout the year whatever the weather.

It’s also possible to look at the range of outdoor fireplaces which are a little bit more limited in terms of year-round use but let you use the outdoor spaces well into the Autumn months. They’re also different in nature to the conservatories as they’re taking the indoors outside rather than bringing the outdoors inside. Essentially they let you use your garden directly over a much longer time of year.

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The builder’s coming!

We’ve been trying to get a new roof on the kitchen extension since way back in April but finally we seem close to having it done.

What took so long was that for reasons which completely escape us, we’d a terrible job getting a builder to even come and look at it. In fact, before we left for the summer we couldn’t get any at all and when we got back in September Wendy had pretty much worked our way through the phone book before we managed to get a couple to come out.

Of course, by this time the weather wasn’t that great and we didn’t get the two days in a row of reasonable weather in November that he needed to get the first part of the job done. All being well though he’ll be turning up tomorrow morning as the weather forecast is looking good.

Once those couple of days work are done the rest is “inside work” so the weather isn’t an issue so there’s a good chance that we’ll get that completed well before Christmas.

Which “just” leaves the insurance repairs that couldn’t be done ’til this bit was.

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What about the tile issue?

Tiles are a bit of an oddball topic in our house at the moment as we’re looking at redoing both the bathroom (probably) and the kitchen (definitely) which are both more ancient than I’d care to say here. Like really ancient.

Now one common theme in relatively old bathrooms and kitchens was the tiling which, in our case, is just about everywhere and also looking particularly dated in some respects too. So dated that the OH has provisionally ruled “no tiles at all” as a starting point and that’s even including some of the really modern styles like the glass tile which is used really imaginatively in some designs we’ve seen lately.

Of course the problem is that tiles are definitely required in some areas if you’re wanting a new look that will actually stick up the the wear and tear that both rooms get on a regular basis so we’ll have something of a compromise I expect.

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Another upgrade to the bathroom in prospect?

Much as we would like to have been able to leave the bathroom well alone after our last experience with a plumber, it’s starting to look like we’ll have to undertake a more major upgrade to the bathroom and possibly something really major will be needing done to the kitchen as well.

That being the case we’ve started revisiting the bathroom faucet issue once more. Although we had all of these replaced earlier in the year if we’re needing to redo the whole bathroom this time then we’d be wanting to take a little more time over the issue rather than going for the quick fix option that we did the last time around.

Regardless of the work needing done in the bathroom, the kitchen is definitely going to need some quite major work done on it over the next few months courtesy of the leak (or, probably, leaks) that we’ve developed. Quite where we’d start on that though is an issue for another day!

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