You may have noticed that I write a number of posts in this blog that are paid for.

Although this will affect the topics that I will cover in specific posts what it won’t affect is the opinions expressed because the payments aren’t big enough to do that. However, if some kind person would care to offer serious cash I would probably write pretty much anything… sadly I can’t see that happening anytime soon.

Where possible I write these sponsored posts in much the same style as I use for the normal posts. That’s not to conceal the fact that I’m getting paid for these but merely because I can’t be bothered to develop a new style for them. If I do it really well you may not notice that the post is sponsored and indeed in some cases I have republished sponsored posts from my other blogs here but in a non-sponsored form which, I hope, goes to show that they do generally fit in quite well with the overall blog content.

As well as the sponsored posts you’ll probably also have spotted several advertising blocks dotted around the site. These will vary over time and don’t really affect the content of the posts at all other than when I sometimes play around with a topic a little to see what I can trick googles adsense software to come up with. Aside from adsense, you’ll see that there are specific links to places. For example, at the time of writing I have a link to our hosting service which’ll pay me a few dollars if you sign up to them via that link. I generally also have a link to Amazon though there are so few people who’ve clicked on that over the years that it’s hardly worth the effort adding it (but if you’d care to buy all your books, DVDs, electronic goods though it you could prove me wrong at no cost to yourself).

What if you’d like me to review a product or write about something for you? The simplest thing to do is to drop me a line here. It’s best to come straight out and tell me how much you’d like me to write and how much you’d be prepared to pay me for doing it rather than asking me what it would cost. Payment needs to be by Paypal (which takes credit/debit cards) and in advance because there are just too many scams around for it to be otherwise.

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