Duff contracts at Fitness First

We signed up again for Fitness First again way back at the start of August when they’d one of their offers running… “sign up for BodyFirst, get three free personal trainer sessions by paying £35 now and you’ll get it refunded after 20 sessions”. Well, that’s what we were told at the time anyway.

It turns out that we should have been given a card to stamp for each of those 20 sessions which presumably lists a couple of extra conditions that we weren’t told about. First, those 20 sessions had to be taken within 8 weeks of signing up. That shouldn’t be a problem as we were attending 4 or 5 times a week so those 20 sessions were completed in late August or possibly early September. Except that 1) we didn’t have that card to get stamped, 2) their computer was down quite a bit towards the end of August so our attendance wasn’t recorded and 3) it’s quite common to get waved through without the membership card getting swiped. Net effect of that was that we have only 16 recorded attendances in the 8 weeks ie they swiped the card just twice a week on average.

Second problem was those “free personal trainer” sessions. It seems that they weren’t optional as, presumably was stated on the card which we didn’t get, not doing them within the 8 weeks means no refund of the £35. On that particular point, we were explicitly told by the membership guy at the time that we could take them at any time so I guess he doesn’t read the contracts that he’s signing people up to.

I’d say at this point that it was important to read all the conditions of a contract with Fitness First but seeing as we weren’t given the contract, we couldn’t do that.

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