ED209 revision notes: messing up the Open University

Real-life managed to interfere with my revision today so my notes on first relationships will turn up tomorrow if you’re one of the growing band who are looking for such things.

However, I was thinking about the overall revision strategy for the coming weeks. As Tim implies, this is the time to be condensing the notes and this series of notes is all about condensing the volume and getting the ideas clear in my mind. This is pretty much essential as the even just considering the 12 chapters I’ve selected for revision there are 360-odd pages in the books, 60-odd in Erica’s notes and even a couple of dozen in Tim’s. All being well, my condensed version will be more like 10 pages.

The second thing that struck me is that the collected efforts of Erica Cox, Tim, myself and no doubt some others could create a bit of an interesting problem for the OU. As Tim said some time back his notes on the site are his personal notes as are mine ie both reflect our own take on the various chapters covered. Thus if a sizeable chunk of people use those notes as the basis for their own revision there’s a chance that the way in which we’d collectively answer the questions on the exam could be strikingly similar. Clearly we can’t draft the actual answers in advance but I’d imagine that my own answers will be based on my own notes: would it be plagiarism if someone else did the same thing? For that matter, I know that some people have talked about writing a sort of generic answer although that’s not wildly different from my own notes style.

And, of course, there’s the possibility that someone out there has run up notes on the seen question chapter and put them online somewhere. Erica’s set of notes are too general for that to be an issue but personal notes might well not be which I gather is why Tim hasn’t published his own notes on his selected chapter. I’m not publishing mine for the simple reason that I don’t have any.

Which reminds me: I must write some more on the seen question over the weekend. You might think that I’m running behind with that but I’m basically on schedule with it as I didn’t want to have it finished weeks ahead of time. In principle, I’m aiming to get a good first draft of it run up over the course of the week. At the minimum I want to have enough of it done to try writing it out in case it’s not coming out at the right length (which, at the moment, I think is around 700 words).

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