ED209: the final 24 hours of revision time

This time tomorrow I’ll be having my very first look at the exam paper.

Today it’s time for last minute skimming over of the material that I didn’t quite get around to learning properly up to now…

There’s the TMA questions to have a look at. Sometimes examiners have a rush of blood to the head and include questions in the very same area or at least in an area that’s similar enough to be helpful in formulating an answer. Not too likely, but then 45 mins or so is all it takes to have a quick look at them.

The course guides are very useful for this course. Reading the chapter summaries and the key theme grids can prompt some thoughts that might be useful in an exam. I’m finding that this is more time consuming than I’d expected: 90 minutes a booklet.

Reading over the answer to the seen question lots of times in amongst all the above seems sensible. In optimistic moments I think that’s an easy way to get, say, 60% on one question which equates to 20% of the overall paper which in turn means that just 30% on each of the other two questions means a pass. Or was that in pessimistic moments?

Finally, there’s leafing over the chapters in the notes that I didn’t cover and/or the course books themselves.

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2 Responses to “ED209: the final 24 hours of revision time”

  • philip says:


    bet your glad I told you not to revise Book 2 chapter 3?

    Shame that chapter 2 was questioned on although it was partly in the TMA?

    In retropepect do you thing you would have been better just revising two books?

  • Arnold says:

    Yes, I was wondering about that myself. It doesn’t seem all that fair to ask a question based on a TMA when there are two options for each of them: it gives an advantage to those that chose that option.

    I actually ended up covering everything in the three books. Well, sort-of in that I skimmed over the sections this morning that I’d not covered in my notes. That actually turned out to be a little confusing as it meant that I could sort-of do any of the questions but sense prevailed and I stuck to the ones I’d covered. Didn’t like either in book 1. Did the gender one from book 2 as I didn’t particularly like the other one. And then the categorising/language one as I could use stuff from my Exploring English course from last year which, I think, gave the answer more depth.

    In hindsight, it would probably have been best to concentrate on books 2 & 3 I think but then you just never know in advance with exams.

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