Empire of the microbes (S171) arrives

The package for this arrived the other day though it’s another couple of weeks before the website opens.

As well as the book (200 pages!) and assignment guide (but not the actual assignments) there’s a DVD which seems to have loads of videos on it and the digital microscope program. Sadly they don’t send out proper digital microscopes any more so this is just a simulation by way of the DVD although I imagine that they’d have some health and safety issues around sending out slides with some of the microbes these days.

The plan is that I set this course aside for a couple of months ’til I get SK185 finished off (the ECA needs more thought than expected), TT280 finished and the first A251 TMA out of the way. Essentially I’m thinking of this as a warm-up for S204 which should be turning up after Christmas so there’s no rush to get moving on it and I’m aiming for the second ECA submission date which is in late April.

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