Exam revision: overall strategy for ED209

As those who’ve done this course will know, there is a LOT of course needing to be revised. So much in fact that, unless you’ve nothing else to do, there’s no way to do it all to the required level.

However, there is the advantage that the usual rule for courses is that a given topic is only examined once (update: unless the course is ED209). Therefore anything covered on assignments can be dropped which takes out a surprising amount for this course since all the essay questions had two options.

Moreover, each question on the exam paper is confined to a single chapter.

Take those together and what remains are the following chapters:

Book 1: Psychological development and early childhood

  1. ch3: Sensation to perception
  2. ch4: Early cognitive development
  3. ch5: Temperament and development
  4. ch7:First relationships

Book 2: Children’s personal and social development

  1. ch3: Children’s interactions:siblings and peers
  2. ch5: Gender identity and the development of gender roles
  3. ch6: National identities in children and young people
  4. ch7: Young consumers

Book 3: Cognitive and language development in children

  1. ch1: Early category representation and concepts
  2. ch2: First words
  3. ch4: The development of children’s understanding of grammar
  4. ch5: Executive functions in childhood development and disorder
  5. ch6: Understanding minds

Thanks to Martin, our tutor, for doing the hard work on the above. The ones in bold are those also selected by Tim who has a brilliant set of notes should you want to reduce the revision time even more. Personally, I’m using the Erica Cox notes which equate to something like a half dozen pages per chapter so around 70 pages to do all the above chapters.

To reduce revision time even more don’t forget that you only need to answer TWO questions from the above (plus the seen question!). Thus you only need to revise two of the books ie around 50 pages of the Erica Cox notes. Is it worth cutting it down that much? If it’s a choice of revising two books well or three not so well then I’d go for two; the third book is basically there as insurance against two questions that you really don’t like from one of the books.

Anyway, ’tis back to make a start on actually writing TMA7 (ie the seen question) tomorrow for me and, hopefully, the first run through of one revision chapter. Incidently, on that question, don’t forget that you’ve only got around 50 minutes to write out the answer so don’t be drafting more than around 7001000 words unless you write really fast.

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4 Responses to “Exam revision: overall strategy for ED209”

  • philip says:

    Why have you included Book 2 chapter 3?

    Surely this was in TMA03

  • Arnold says:

    You’re right: option 2 in TMA3 covered that specifically.

    I checked my notes of the tutorial and it was definitely on the list of topics needing to be covered. Hmmm.

  • Kim says:


    I’m confused! First words and early understanding of grammar were on TMA5. Did your tutor advise revising these? My tutor has been less than helpful on this course, so I’m desperate for all the guidance I can get.



    The list of chapters here is the list that he gave us in the tutorial but as you say first words & grammar were covered in TMA5 and indeed sibling & peers was covered in TMA3. In that he had them on his list I’m going to cover them myself anyway (possibly not siblings & peers in that I’ve not, yet, done the notes for it).

    To be honest, I’d be worried about dropping any more from book 3 as you’d not cover much of it if you did. Having said that, going by the past exam papers you could get away with just doing the identity chapters, executive function and theory of mind to get at least two questions (rather a high risk strategy!). I suspect that concentrating on those three and then on the rest on my little list wouldn’t be a bad approach though.

    All the notes are now on http://www.foreignperspectives.com/photo/ED209Revision.pdf


  • Anna says:

    Thank you so much for this. I’ve spent the last three days revising solidly and even though I knew the exam questions wouldn’t cover TMA material it didn’t occur to me to actually work out exactly which chapters to cover.


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