Exploring Psychology (DSE212) revision

Early days for this, but given the experience of ED209, I plan to start early.

Exloring Psychology (DSE212) formally starts in a couple of weeks but I’ve been reading the texts for a while now in teabreaks and I’m about a month ahead with the reading at the moment. That said, there are also other non-textbook items to look at including the workbook (not too onerous so far), assorted videos (some of which were in the Coursera psych course last year) and a number of audio recordings. In terms of volume of work, it seems less than SK320 but there are six full-size TMAs to be done, albeit with a spare week for each, of which the first is due the first week in November.

I’m hoping to do my ED209 style notes for this as I go along but we’ll see how the time works out with that idea. Tim’s notes aren’t great for DSE212 as they were for an earlier version of the course and he hadn’t really gotten into gear with his note writing then but David’s DSE212 toolkit looks reasonable, if rather large (it runs to around 250 pages!). I’ll be aiming for something in the middle ground.

At the moment, my plan is to run up notes as I get through each chapter as I did for ED209 and produce the overall guide like the ED209 one along with the ED209 PDF style notes.

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