Filling the place from last minute bookings

We’ve had quite a peculiar pattern of bookings right through the whole of the summer this year and it looks like it’ll finish on an odd note too.

Normally at this point in the year we’d be finding we finished the day with a number of empty rooms as the French holiday season draws to a close but we’ve had next to no French staying this year so their influence on the overall booking pattern has been negligible. What has been more noticeable is a very significant rise in Spanish and German bookings and separately in the massive number of last minute bookings that we’ve been getting.

We’re finding that if we put a room back on the system due to a cancellation then often it’s filled within 30 minutes. A year ago that happened now and again but this year it’s been a large feature of the bookings.

Now, we’re not complaining about last minute bookings per se but it does mean that our planning is totally thrown as even a full week of empty rooms can fill pretty quickly.

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