Finally the world archaeology (A251) website is live

The site went live yesterday with the chapters of the Human Past that we’ll be reading loaded onto it.

Fortunately they’re proper PDFs so I can resize the fonts for the reader but unfortunately they’re landscape 2-up with ain’t readable in full-screen PDF even on the netbook never mind on the reader. However, it’s possible to split these and there’s even a script to do this.

Unfortunately the OU haven’t bothered to title the PDFs properly so they’re all listed as “A251 The Human Past” with no chapter title; I’ll have to change that at some point as it’s a pain finding the right chapter to read.

Aside from the book and assignment booklet there’s not a whole lot to download from the website as the majority of the various resources referred to are online. Going by the number of them I’d say that the online reading will add up to 50% to the book reading but it seems to vary a good deal between the weeks.

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