Fitting work into your life

Although we were working pretty hard in the hotel this time last year, I don’t know how we’d manage to fit it into our lives these days.

Monday to Friday it sometimes seems like we’re operating an almost full-time taxi service. From 7.30am to 9.30am we’re definitely full-time school organisers. For the first couple of months of P1 we’d a break of sorts to 11.30am before collecting John but at least it’s now up to 2pm. From 2pm to 3pm we’re getting the guys back home though on Tuesday’s we’re straight off to Kumon again.

Even Saturday isn’t free as we’re to get James to Kumon for 10am and with Wendy off to work in the afternoon there’s not much of the day left by the time she’s off. Somehow Sunday always seems to disappear though in different ways each week.

In between times, there’s the psychology degree that I’m doing too which is currently taking up a fair bit of time as I’m trying to get ahead of the official schedules with the two courses I’m doing at the moment.

And then there’s the ongoing admin relating to our attempts to close down our life in France which seems to be taking up even more time than actually running the hotel!

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