How bad can an accountant be?

I used to think that there was a limit as to how bad an accountant could be. After all, they’re members of professional organisations which aim to keep standards high and strike off those who fall too far below the accepted norm.

Perhaps that’s true elsewhere in the world, but not in France.

Our “accountant”, for want of a better word, still hasn’t finished the 2006 accounts despite telling us just about every month since April that they’d be ready “next week”. We gave them a couple of weeks, called and were told that they needed just one more piece of information to complete them.

Once supplied, by magic another piece of information was now missing.

We were even told last week that the accounts would absolutely definitely be completed by Monday. Yup, one more piece is missing. Just one this time: a single cheque.

So, we’re off to see them tomorrow.

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