Isn’t Christmas a busy time?

We could do with an extra couple of days added on to the week at the moment.

The kids are busy with their Christmas extravaganza at the moment. I think the school were rather optimistic about the staying power of 4 to 8 year old children as they’re running four performances of it over the course of this week and after just one day our little guys were pretty worn out. It also throws up extra stuff for us to do with a performance to go to later today and needing to pick them up before lunch on Thursday.

Friday will be even busier with Mum to be taken to the performance for the elderly in the morning, the Kip McGrath class just after school, immediately after that John has a party to go to and then just after that we’re off to a BBQ thing at the church. Yeah, I know, it’s not BBQ weather at the moment so we’re not 100% sure about going to that.

Next week is looking quite busy too with our first free slot not coming up until Thursday!

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