Just how long would YOU drive?

When we started running the place here, we were surprised to find that quite a lot of people will get into their car in Amsterdam at 4am and drive to the south of France, arriving around 8pm.

Funnily enough, they’re still fairly sane when they get here.

The English on the other hand are rarely totally sane by the time they get here although they’ve “only” driven from Calais.

Why? Well, basically because the Dutch are used to driving much longer distances. In the UK, two hours is quite a long drive yet we’ll drive to Barcelona just to do some shopping which is a four hour round trip.

However, we’ve just had what’s probably our record breaking trip from an English family who, quite surprisingly, arrived in good spirits even though they’d driven around 13 hours from Calais (much longer than normal due to the heavy traffic at the weekend) and were just heading off for another 15 hours or so to get to the south of Spain. I praise them because they managed to stay sane after all that driving over just two days yet wonder about the sanity of spending something like EUR 100 on tolls, another EUR 100 on petrol, another EUR 100 on hotels and nearly three days of their lives when they could have flown there considerably cheaper.

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