Just how quickly could you “do” Rome?

Although it’s actually possible to see all the highlights in a single, very hectic, day, it’s much better to spread the trip out over about a week as there’s an awful lot to be seen.

What we did was very much the whistle-stop tour with an early morning flight over then a short bus tour of some of the highlights which were mainly the Colosseum that you see here and the Trevi fountain. However, we needed to part company with the bus at that point as they were heading off to the shops whilst we wanted to see the Sistine chapel and as much as we could fit in after that which turned out to be quite a lot as we managed all but the Spanish Steps on our list and could have fitted in that too if I’d not been vetoed (“We’ll miss the bus!”).

However, that’s the crazy way to see Rome. Much more sensible is to do the above over three or four days and spend the rest of the week checking out some of the other wonders of the city. For most people that means staying in a hotel but to really get the most of your time it’s better to look towards self-catering as that’ll give you a much more Italian feel to your holiday.

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