Kindle on Linux

At the moment, there’s Kindle for Kindle, Kindle for PC, Kindle for Mac, Kindle for Android but sadly, so far, no Kindle for Linux. Naturally, that hasn’t stopped the Linux people running Kindle though…

Step one is installing Wine, which, for me, is via the Synaptic package manager on Ubuntu 10.10. After that you need winetricks (for some fonts):

sh winetricks corefont

Then you install a not-quite up to date version of Kindle for PC:

wine KindleForPC-installer.exe

I say not-quite up to date as the latest version wouldn’t work for me; the latest version can be downloaded via Amazon.

Finally, you need to configure Wine to run the Kindle software in a Windows 98 environment. Do this by going to Wine configuration, add application, select Kindle in the Program Files/Amazon/Kindle for PC/KindleForPC.exe and choose Windows 98.

You can switch the screen to/from landscape by creating two launchers on your desktop (right-click on the desktop, select create-launcher) with:

xrandr -o right (or left if required)
xrandr -o normal

The mousepad orientation is “interesting” after doing this but quite usable; fixing that is rather more complex and the solutions I found don’t work on my system.

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