Merry Christmas, but take care!

John as Santa in 2010 Christmas playAll being well, you’ll  be just about to start on a brilliant Christmas Day by the time this is published. We try to keep it a no-computer day so as computers need holidays too 🙂 Well, we sure need a break from them anyway.

Take more care with your food intake than I did a few weeks back. A really nice looking German hotdog in the Belfast Christmas market turned out to be something of a breeding ground for salmonella which led me low for a surprising amount of time.If it ain’t 100% cooked, leave it on the plate!

Watch all those nice new Christmas prezzies too. Some drongos trashed the house of one of the nicest old ladies you could meet the day before Christmas Eve. For what though? She certainly doesn’t have a house stuffed full of the latest electronics that they could get shot of easily. Nope, just mindless vandalism.

Pay particular attention to the roads this year too. We’ve finally managed to get a white Christmas alright but boy does that make for some seriously low temperatures and dreadful driving conditions. Worth noting is that the salt that they currently use on UK roads doesn’t work too well below -10C in terms of melting the ice/snow although obviously the grit mixed in with it does help things. Since large chunks of the country have been quite consistently below that, you might not want to be relying too heavily on the assumption that gritted roads = safe roads. Forget all about drinking and driving in conditions like this too.

Finally, why not do something nice for someone in the Christmas spirit? Just yesterday, a nice lady in Marks & Spencers handed us her £5 off voucher when she saw that we’d be able to use it whilst she couldn’t. It’s always nice to return that favour to someone else a la Good Samaritans who I’ve run into a surprising number of times over the years. But what about trying to repay the kindness twice? I’m sure that it wouldn’t take a massively long time before we were all knee deep in acts of kindness if everyone did that. Wouldn’t that be a nice thing to happen?

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