Module choices for October 2014

Since I’ll have completed my Life Sciences degree, the focus moves temporarily to my “miscellaneous interesting courses” degree which I’d like to top up to the point where I could claim it which means adding at least 20 points at level 3 and 80 points overall.

I’d originally had Geology (S276) on the list but now that I’ve read through the pre-course material for it, I don’t really find it that interesting so, at the moment, it’s off the list of possibles for October.

Other options include The physical world (S207) for which the first book is available online free, so I’m going to work my way through that and see what I think of it. Upsides are that it sounds really interesting and presumably would make my Planetary Science course easier going when I get around to it. Downside for this is that it’s one of the courses that are billed as a major undertaking. It’s a 60 pointer so that would take me to 280 points by itself.

Then there’s the new Introduction to childhood studies and child psychology (E102) which is one of the options for my proposed psychology degree and thus moves that along. Upsides are that it’s level 1, four TMAs and an end of course assessment ie it sounds easy going. Downside is that it’s a first run of the course and the OU have a bad reputation with first-run courses. It’s a 60 pointer too so that also takes me to 280 points.

I’m also considering Empires 1492-1975 (A326) which is essentially the follow-on from my Archaeology course from a few years ago. Downside of this is that the OH is also planning to do this and as our approaches to study are totally different, that sounds like a recipe for some conflict.

Coupled with one of those I plan to do Chemical change and environmental applications (S345) which is 20 points at level 3 and thus gets me to the required 60 points at level 3.

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