More rejigging of the course plans

Now that I’m starting to look at the course forum for SK277 it turns out that there are yet more problems in attempting to cross the ELQ minefield.

The problem is that, thanks to ELQ, several of the courses that make up the Diploma in Health Sciences may simply stop at their final presentations in 2011 and 2012 rather than being replaced by further courses. That will be a truly sad endictment on ELQ if that happens because some of those courses have been attracting comments such as “I just loved this module” (Human Biology), “one of the best OU courses I’ve taken” (Infectious Disease) and “an outstanding course!” (Signals and Perception).

At the moment, it appears to be just about possible for me to complete the entire sequence of courses before they reach their respective end dates. It does twist around my original plan somewhat but it would be a shame to miss out on courses with feedback like that. One problem for me is that it means that I have to do Biological Psychology next February and I’d not really decided about doing that then as it means I’ve to overlap that course with Human Biology which starts in October.

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