Overlapping course for the first time

Up to now I’ve stuck with one course per year in my time with the Open University which has given that time something of a pottering along feel to it all.

However, I managed to let myself get talked into thinking about overlapping courses over the coming year which means that I now find myself sort-of doing 90 points worth of courses over the next couple of weeks. I say sort-of as I’m not actually doing anything on the human biology course at the moment as I’m working on revising for the child development on the 21st.

Well not quite “nothing” as I’ve been dipping into the forum for the course and picked up the assignments for it last night. Frankly, the level of them is something of a shock. I thought that I’d find this course relatively hard going as I’ve not even done GCSE biology but I’d have been able to do the first couple of questions on the assignment in a matter of an hour or perhaps two. Having said that, the first assignment is mainly health rather than biology based so it avoids the difficult parts of the first book so perhaps later assignments and the exam will be a different matter.

That in turn has me thinking of signing up for the Biological Psychology (SD226) course which starts in February and which would have five months of overlap with the human biology course. It’s got a reputation of being rather difficult though so I’m going to have a look at the course texts before I do anything drastic.

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