Packing for the Plants, Pigments and Light (SXR375) residential

It hardly seems like two months have passed since the course materials for this arrived at the end of April.

It’s been quite a busy time although I don’t think I did anything remotely close to the 60 hours preparation that the course is supposed to take. Still, the CMA is out of the way and I may even complete the reading for the S204 plants book before I go. Also on the cards is scanning the relevant pages of the set book to save carting that along this year (not that it was opened during the summer school last year).

I’m not bringing any of the lab notes as the whole lot are on the ASUS already which combined with not bringing the set book makes for a much lighter case. I’ll probably bring along the baby computer too as the wifi is rather flaky in the university. The lab coat will get its second outing and there’s the sometimes used calculator as well. You sort-of feel that you need to bring along a notebook but in reality not much gets written in it as you’ve to write everything in the lab book. New for this year is a USB key to bring back the data from the experiments.

What’s most important to remember is that there’s a heap of handouts to be brought back. They’ll all be on the course website but not until after the final week which means mid-August this year.

Seems like less packing than last year but I’m sure that’ll change before I reach the plane.


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