Physics or psychology?

I’ve been reading over some of the S207 (physics) and psychology (mostly DSE212) samples that I’ve collected over the years to try and reach a decision between E102 (child psychology) or S207 (physics) for next October.

This October is my chance to top up my “miscellaneous interesting courses” degree to the point where I could claim it and thereby leave it while I, perhaps, head off to do a masters. So, I need a course that will fit into that timeslot.

Both physics and psychology go well with the courses already in the degree which currently has 70 points chemistry, 60 psychology, 60 physics and 30 history so nothing really to choose between them on that score.

I’ve only got the introductory sections of S207 but have bits of a course that follows E102 so it’s not really a like for like comparison. In practical terms, I’ve got the more interesting bits of the psychology to read and those bits come later on in physics.

I may have to get a coin out 🙂

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