Picking up the pace towards the end of primary school

With the end of primary school just over a week off, you’d think that things would be winding down but, if anything, they’ve been picking up the pace lately.

The P7 project is finally complete bar a couple of small spelling corrections so that’ll be out of the way tomorrow. It’s taken up quite a bit of time over the last few weeks as James has gotten fired up with a number of aspects of it. He wrote the text (just over 4000 words!) but I’d to gather together the photos to illustrate it which was fine for most of them but a few took quite a bit of time to track down. We printed it all out for the first time yesterday and it looks really good.

Alongside that, in school he’s getting ready for the school play which is Friday week. That’s supposed to be quite a big production so it’s keeping them quite busy during the day.

The P7 pupils are having their visits to their new schools at the moment. Priory (one of our fall-back choices) had theirs a few days ago and seems to have created a good impression on those that went along. We’re off to James’ new school next Monday evening.

The other little guy managed to spill custard over his hand on Monday and has had to be taken to the nurse every day to get the dressing changed. He’s also supposed to be getting ready for his part in the other school play so had to go to school today as otherwise he’d not get to do that.

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