Plugging away at the German course

For a variety of reasons I ended up learning Spanish rather than German years ago with the effect that it’s only now that I’m getting around to starting on the German.

As expected, it’s easier to pick up than either French or Spanish were in that since English is also a Germanic language then various aspects of it are a good deal similar to English than the corresponding constructs in French and Spanish. The overall effect of that plus me already having two foreign languages behind me is that I’m progressing through the course at quite a pace and can even say some relatively sensible things in German whereas it was quite a while before I got to the same point in the other languages.

One “problem” that I’m having is that the Rosetta Stone course that I’m following seems “too easy” in that you pick up the language without really trying that hard. Whether that’ll remain the case as I get further into it remains to be seen though!

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