Practical Project Management or PRINCE2?

I went on what’s billed as a practical project management course last week which actually covers pretty much everything that’s covered in the more usual PRINCE2 project management course but in a less intensive and more useful format.

Whereas PRINCE2 comes from the angle of really large projects, in reality most of us don’t manage the massive projects that it’s designed for. Here in Northern Ireland, the truly massive projects are very unusual indeed and almost all of the projects that are run fall in the small to medium range which has the effect that PRINCE2 tends to be a bit over the top in terms of management overhead. Certainly if you have dozens or perhaps hundreds of people working on a project, you might need that extra bit of management control but that’s a very, very rare situation here.

So, instead the course went over the elements that would be more appropriate to the projects that we’d encounter here with a number of small practical exercises to reinforce the concepts and lots of illustrations of how that panned out in real projects that have been done over the years.

Quite an engaging and useful little course.

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