Re-opening horizons

Once I achieve the points for an open degree (all being well, late next year), it opens up the possibility of carrying on allocating interesting courses to it as I go along.

Sadly, the 10 pointer is a dying breed in the Open University these days but there are some interesting ones still around. Of those TM190, The Story of Maths, has been on my list for years but as I thought I was going to lose my 10 pointers I hadn’t thought about it for a while. Now that they’ll be safe within the open degree, I hope to do it on its final run this May.

I’m still not decided about the course for October though it’ll likely be either S276 Geology (on its final run) or S283 Planetary Science & the Search for Life (which would complete my Certificate in Astronomy & Planetary Science). I quite like S283 but S276 becomes a 60 pointer as from the following year which is more than I really want to do.

I’m planning on going to the postgrad open day at Queen’s later in the month which might throw everything up in the air again.

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