So far, so good with the client-side course (TT281)

After a bit of a to-do between students and faculty as to why they were forcing us to use CafeScribe (a truly dire piece of software by all accounts), things settled down as we got into the second week of the course (or week 3 according to the students) for the simple reason that everyone seems to have printed the whole book either on paper or to a PDF and thereby abandoned CafeScribe.

It’s an odd kind of course. There’s a bit of programming in it (JavaScript) but that aspect is downplayed a lot as the Web Applications Certificate is at more a management level than a programming one. Thus the first daily (yes, daily) seminar on JavaScript started at a very low level and by the end of the week it was producing a single alert message. That said, I have the feeling that some people have already been put off by the programming aspect.

The daily seminars are a bit much really when added to the rest of the course work. All told there’s the usual course guide which is fine. It mainly points you towards parts of the main course text but also to parts of the JavaScript guide and to a couple of websites too. Add that to the daily seminars and the daily activities and the rather active forums and you’ve a lot of course packed into 10 points.

Coming up quite soon is the first computer marked assignment. I’ve about 1/3rd of that done already and should get the rest completed sometime this week all being well although seeing as I’m a bit behind schedule with the biology assignment perhaps not.

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