So what’s S347 (Metals and Life) like?

Looking at before I signed up for it, it looked like book 1 was chemistry and book 2 was biology. That’s what it is on paper but in reality “book 2” is the main book and the chemistry is slotted in as needed along the way with the final chunky section a medical science one that seems to be tying all the other bits together in a fashion.

As with all the modern science courses there’s a lot of it online, mostly for economic reasons rather than educational ones. They could put that final section of the course on a DVD (or at least make it easily downloadable) but they don’t. You can download it but you need to go through the online study guide and online modules to download each of the videos and texts contained within them. That makes it a bit of a nuisance to work through unless you either read ahead and download everything in advance or have Internet and DVD access available everywhere you study.

It fits in really well with S377 really well, so much so that when I’m reading the book for one I sometimes forget which of the two I’m reading.

One downside of it that I’ve just discovered is that it seems I won’t be able to count it in any degree unless I can slot it into one by 2016 as the new-style OU degrees don’t acknowledge courses that aren’t 30 or 60 points. So, rather than lose the points, I’m having to change the courses I was meaning to do over the next couple of years with the running order for my “miscellaneous interesting courses” degree looks like being S346 Drug design this October, A326 Empire: 1492-1975 the following October and finishing with AA318 Art of the 20th Century in October 2015.


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