Social events at Campbell College

Campbell runs quite a series of social events at the college aimed at the parents and former pupils.

They’ve a series of parent/teacher prayer meetings through the year in addition to various family services in the Great Hall. I’d sort-of thought of it as just a school hall but it appears that it counts as a church. In the last family service they had a christening and it seems that they do weddings as well.

Courtesy of the large choir and orchestra, they stage a number of productions during the year. You might be thinking “oh, school production” but in fact the musical event last week was thoroughly professional. In keeping with the spirit of the school, everything was handled by the pupils. Quite surprising to me were the two comperes introducing the show. To be honest, I’d thought that these were the guys who’d opted out of performing and then about 10 minutes into the show they stepped to the side to be the leads in one of a series of numbers that cropped up in the course of the show.

An interesting contrast to the primary school is the approach to child protection. As they say from the outset, they want to celebrate every success of the children and therefore photos of them will appear in publications, online and on the TV. Moreover, there was no stigma about singling out each performer during the show (and quite a number of them were really fantastic).

We’ve not made it through the whole year yet but the above is just a sampler of what’s on offer and doesn’t include such things as the excellent Halloween ball or the upcoming theatre production.

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