Sort-of settled on the big courses, but what about the little ones?

Barring more changes from the OU (always possible these days), I’m pretty much settled on doing the main biology course (S204) along with the plants summer school (SXR375) next year.

However, that leaves a few options in terms of short courses that would be nice to fit in around those and in preparation for the plants and chemistry courses. What I don’t want to do is to finish up with the TMA overload that happened  in March this year!

I figure that the plants short course would be nice preparation for the residential as I gather that I may not have reached the plants section of S204 before starting the residential. Similarly, it seems like an idea to get my chemistry back up to speed by way of the chemistry short course before I start on the main chemistry course in October next year. The game plan for both of those is to go for the lower workload rate so there’d be five months to do each of them. Sadly that means that I’d not be able to fit in the fossils course which is on its last run this November and sounds both easy and really interesting.

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