Started planning your Hogmanay trip to Edinburgh yet?

It’s hard to believe that Hogmanay is just around the corner. Obviously for such a popular event much of the accommodation has already been booked months ago but there’s still a chance of finding somewhere decent if you don’t hang about.

What’s it like then though? Think of Mardi Gras only in a colder climate and you might get some idea of the sheet quantity of activities that are going on throughout the city at that time. Street theatre is thick on the ground as are shows in venues all over the city. Although there are lots of venues, it’s also worthwhile booking somewhere for the New Years Eve party well in advance as just about everywhere is pretty much overflowing with people.

The celebrations run over four days so you’ll need to pace yourself to take it all in!

First off though, don’t hang around if you’re thinking of going as all the Edinburgh hotels book out very, very quickly.

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