The first human biology assignment

Compared to the Child Development course, the Human Biology one is moving along at what almost seems like a snails pace in comparison which probably is indicative of how over the top the workload was on the Child Development course.

The first tutorial is just coming up now, just over a month into the course or rather a month into the official course timetable as I started over a month before that, albeit with a gap of several weeks for the psychology revision. Somewhat to my surprise, even with that gap, I’m running several weeks ahead of the official schedule at the moment though I’ve not so far completed all the notes.

I’ve made a start on the assignment already or at least on the easy parts of it. It’s a three part assignment with two short answer questions and a short-ish essay. The short answer questions seem relatively easy and I’d have completed them already except that I’ve to draw a couple of graphs for them and I’ve not had a chance to do that yet. The essay is basically on the workings of the digestive tract and is what prompted me to get going on writing up the notes as there’s a serious amount of detail in that chapter (and the nutrition one before it).

Funnily enough, although I initially figured that the digestive tract chapter was seriously complicated now that I’ve written up the notes it seems to have largely fallen into place in my mind. The various sphincters make sense as separators between the various sections of the gut and I could even make a passable explation of what the pancreas gets up to. All being well the other parts of this course will similarly fall into place in my mind as it goes on.

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