The Open University 120 pointers forum

In the days of First Class (the OU forum system, now all but defunct) there were forums for the various subjects and for the varied interests of the OU students as well. However, one forum stood head and shoulders above all others as the place to go to ask about just about any course you could imagine: the 120 pointers forum.

Although it was intended only for those doing the Open University courses at the full-time rate of 120 points per year, that group had collectively done so many courses that it was the place to ask about a very wide variety of courses. The only problem was in peeking in, it was a very addictive forum. Course suggestions came from all over the OU spectrum ranging from arts to sciences. Interestingly, you quite often saw people doing a very peculiar mix of subjects indeed and it was the place to look for those courses which were unexpectedly interesting to a wide range of people but which you’d not normally have heard about. Courses like the hard to place A251 World Archaeology (is it classics or history?), AA318 20th century art (apparently totally fascinating), along with missives from those heading off for doctorates and doing a totally mad number of courses as well.

Then there were the study tips which I’d been hoping to pinch and insert here but, sadly, FC is closing and that thread has been deleted a few months ago. The last big thing was the choice of “ideal” ebook reader (Sony or iPad) but there were many other things besides.

In time, it may be resurrected in the new-look forums but many more of them are closed these days so no chance of popping into one and asking what a course is really like before you sign up for it. In the meantime though there’s the beginnings of the 120 pointer facebook group which is slowly collecting the FC participants.


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