The project – a year in school in France

James is starting to really get into the project now and has run up getting on for 2000 words on it so far which is almost as much as Wendy or I would be writing for one of our university assignments!

The original split into the four seasons with four or five themes running through each seems to be working out quite well. Having living in a hotel lets him write about how different family life was there compared to life here (he’s had loads to write there). Making a film has let him tell all the different stages in the preparation of the film they made (which has brought back a lot of memories). He’s only just started on the school in France sections but they’re letting him highlight the differences in schooling. French customs is a bit of a mixture where he’s been able to highlight differences and similarities that you might not expect. Finally, Around the area is there to let him say something about the things he’s seen when we’ve been out and about.

We added in the first selection of photos yesterday and it’s starting to look rather well.


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