The student discount card

One of the least well promoted things in the OU is that we’re eligible to apply for the student card issued by the NUS.

At first sight, forking out £10 or so for the card doesn’t seem like a great plan but what makes it worthwhile is that as well as being a student ID card this card also gives you lots of discounts too. So many in fact that I usually find that it’s paid for itself within the first month or two.

On the whole, the discounts are from companies who you’d expect to have a significant number of student customers which means that many of them aren’t of major interest to the mainly mature students from the OU. So, for instance, I don’t see myself ever using FlatMatch. On tbe other hand, I save about £5 a month on my Fitness First membership and Wendy regularly gets 10% or 20% discount from Peacocks and New Look plus there’s the useful 5% off Amazon and free delivery from £5 too.

If you’re not sure whether it’s worth it for you, you can have a look at the discounts on their site first.

Separate from this, but potentially even more valuable are the student discounts available for Microsoft products (up to 100%!).

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