Tidying up the qualifications

With the Open University changing the rules re their qualifications and dropping modules at a worrying rate, I find that my original plan of finishing off the life sciences degree this year then completing a chemistry degree aren’t really workable anymore.

The life sciences degree is fine as I’m on the final module (infectious disease) for that.

The chemistry option is a different matter as I’ve used most of the “chemistry” modules up in the life sciences degree and really only have ecology and an environmental module plus the final of the three proper chemistry modules available for that, none of which really fire me up. I was also planning on sweeping up all the remaining short modules that I’ve done over the years and which don’t fit in the new style qualifications.

However, it struck me the other day that I can pick up a non-honours degree instead which would let me use up all the short modules and basically bank all my modules for now, with the option of adding honours anytime up to 2019 if suitable modules turn up. To do that all I need is an additional 40 points which would be swept up by the planetary science module that I’ve been meaning to do and the final chemistry module which I wasn’t particularly intending to do.

The plus point of this is that it doesn’t affect the timetable for my possible masters as those modules run November to June and May to October so with the masters (if I go for it) starting in September/October there’d only be a month or so of an overlap with the chemistry module.


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