Time to really get going on the ED209 seen question

I’ve just been to the final tutorial for the course so there aren’t any more excuses for putting off the work for the seen question for the course.

First off, was to choose the topic from amongst the five on offer. For me the choice was relatively simple. The legal one starts by saying that it’s a bit gruesome in parts which put me off that right away. The education one seems almost exclusively for teachers so that’s out. Health psychology just doesn’t appeal. The autism one seems to require that you’ve some experience of it outside the course. Which leaves the one on specific learning difficulties which I’d have chosen anyway as it seems interesting.

That done, I’ve read the chapter on it in the course book and gone through the study guide. Which means that it’s time for the real work…

What I’ll be doing tomorrow is reading over the three journal articles that are referred to on the course website (it’s in course resources, part 4). All being well, that’ll give me an idea of what approach to take when I’m starting on the literature search which I’ll be starting later in the week.

The aim for all of this work is to produce what’s essentially a TMA of around 1000 words. I say around 1000 words but I suspect that it’ll be somewhat shorter than that as I’ll need to write it out in a little under an hour. It’s very important to keep that time limit in mind as it would be all to easy to write far more in advance than could realistically be reproduced inside that one hour time limit. Going by my tutor, the majority of resits that he has are there because they didn’t allocate their time properly so don’t under-estimate the importance of this aspect!

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